This cluster investigates young people’s experiences of trauma and the social conditions, policies and initiatives that facilitate resilience pre-and post-resettlement. To open a project’s page, click on the research title in the table below.
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Research Projects

Project TitleLead Researcher(s)Research Partner(s)PublicationProject Status
Promoting Emotional Well-Being in Refugee Newcomer Families in Waterloo Region
Dillon Browne
Sanctuary Refugee Health CentreAvailableComplete
School and Community Resources and the Social-Emotional and Academic Adjustment of Refugee ChildrenMartin GuhnN/AAvailableComplete
Safe Spaces: Youth with Refugee Experience and Their Parents Harnessing ResilienceSusan BrighamThe Syrian Canadian Foundation N/AComplete
Loss and Protracted Family Separations among Refugee Children and Youth: Examining post-migration impacts and service needsAKM Alamgir Access Alliance, OCASI, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT), Across Boundaries, FCJ Refugee CentreAvailableComplete
Social-Emotional Development in Yazidi Refugee YouthTina MaltiSouth London Neighbourhood Resource CentreN/AOngoing
Well-Being and Learning: Processes of Resilience in Refugee ChildrenJennifer JenkinsNorQuest College and H.appiN/AOngoing
Promoting Resilience among Newcomer YouthMichael UngarMuslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI) N/AOngoing

Addressing Domestic Violence in Refugee Families in Waterloo Region: Towards a Culturally Integrated Approach to Family Conflict Management

Dillon BrowneSanctuary Refugee Health CentreN/AOngoing

Mental Health and Help-Seeking among Refugee Children and Families in Hamilton, Ontario

Amanda SimWesley Urban MinistriesAvailableOngoing

Enhancing Cultural Literacy to Improve Refugee Mental Healthcare During COVID-19: An Innovative Educational Initiative for Supporting Culturally Sensitive Service Provision and Community Engagement

Dillon BrowneN/AN/AOngoing

Implementing Research on the Impact of Social Isolation on Refugee Children and Youth: Their Resilience and Coping Mechanisms

AKM AlamgirN/AN/AOngoing

Participatory Visual Methodologies in Mental Health Promotion Research with Refugee Youth who have Experiences of Gender-based Violence: A Scoping Review

Dillon BrowneN/AN/AOngoing

Publications & Reports

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