This cluster investigates young people’s experiences of trauma and the social conditions, policies and initiatives that facilitate resilience pre-and post-resettlement. To open a project’s page, click on the research title in the table below.
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Research Projects

Project TitleLead Researcher(s)Research Partner(s)PublicationProject Status
Promoting Emotional Well-Being in Refugee Newcomer Families in Waterloo Region
Dillon Browne
Sanctuary Refugee Health CentreAvailableComplete
School and Community Resources and the Social-Emotional and Academic Adjustment of Refugee ChildrenMartin GuhnN/AAvailableComplete
Safe Spaces: Youth with Refugee Experience and Their Parents Harnessing ResilienceSusan BrighamThe Syrian Canadian Foundation N/AComplete
Social-Emotional Development in Yazidi Refugee YouthTina MaltiSouth London Neighbourhood Resource CentreN/AOngoing
Well-Being and Learning: Processes of Resilience in Refugee ChildrenJennifer JenkinsNorQuest College and H.appiN/AOngoing
Loss and Protracted Family Separations among Refugee Children and Youth: Examining post-migration impacts and service needsAKM Alamgir Access Alliance, OCASI, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT), Across Boundaries, FCJ Refugee CentreAvailableOngoing
Promoting Resilience among Newcomer YouthMichael UngarMuslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI) N/AOngoing
Using Community-Based Research to Develop a Contextually, Culturally, and Developmentally Sensitive Model of Refugee ResilienceAmanda SimWesley Urban MinistriesN/AOngoing

Publications & Reports

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