Our Reports

Each year, CYRRC produces an annual highlights report which showcases our work during the past year. In these reports, you will find overviews of research projects carried out by CYRRC members that year. Beginning in 2019, the reports also contain infographics which summarize recent research findings. Full details about each research project are available under the Our Research section of our website.

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Impact Report

CYRRC 2024 Impact Report: Seven Years of Research and Collaboration

This report summarizes the impact of the CYRRC project and shares recommendations for policy-makers, service provider organizations, and school systems that emerged from our research.

Annual Reports

2023 Highlights Report

2021 Highlights Report

2020 Highlights Report

2019 Highlights Report

2018 Highlights Report

2017 Highlights Report

Policy Briefs: Refugee Resettlement Policy

Why Collaboration Matters

School Supports for Youth

2017 Highlights Report

Delphi Report

In 2018, CYRRC researchers undertook a Delphi study to determine the five most pressing research and policy needs for the Coalition. A Delphi study is a process designed to make research and policy projections using a consensus-based approach. It involves assembling a group of subject-matter experts and having them reply to rounds of questions until consensus is reached.

The Delphi report shared below outlines the methodology used in this study, and the results that emerged from it. Using the Delphi method, CYRRC’s member academic, educational and service provider partners identified the need to focus on five key areas:

Family level wellbeing and integration (i.e. ‘family’ as a unit of analysis)
Educational experiences and aspirations
Long-term, longitudinal, or life course outcomes
Mental health and experiences of bullying and discrimination
Coordination between research (‘best practices’ and data) and policy development

This study was developed and carried out by Dr. Howard Ramos, Serperi Sevgur and Dr. Patrick McGrath of Dalhousie University.

Special Projects

CYRRC Forum 2023: Summary Report

On Marth 15th, 2023, the Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) brought together youth with refugee experience, service providers, community partners, academics, and policy makers for a pre-conference forum at the 25th Metropolis Conference in Ottawa to discuss collaboration between stakeholders and engaging youth in decision-making.

World Refugee Day: Youth Forum

Youth, service providers, and community members met on June 27th, 2019 in celebration of World Refugee Day to discuss how we can better serve newcomer youth in Halifax.