Syria was once a Beautiful Country
Syrian children recount their memories of Syria, transition countries and early days in Canada in a short documentary.

World Refugee Day: Youth Forum – Overview
Youth, service providers, and community members met on June 27th, 2019 in celebration of World Refugee Day to discuss how we can better serve newcomer youth in Halifax.

Exploring Belonging: CYRRC Project 
Our project ‘Exploring belonging: Experiences of refugee children and families in a Montreal recreational setting’ led by Dr Nicole Ives and carried out in partnership with the Montreal City Mission, takes an eye-opening look into the benefits of recreational services for children and their families.

Social Justice in Focus: Event Overview 
On September 22nd, 2018 we gathered at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to hear the experiences of young artists from our photovoice project.

Social Justice in Focus: Participatory Photography Project 
An overview of one of our arts based participatory research projects.

CYRRC at Metropolis Calgary 
Join us at the Metropolis Conference in Calgary on Thursday, March 22nd for our panel discussion titled “Promising Practices in Research with Refugee Children and their Families” featuring speakers Dr. Michael Ungar, Dr. Howard Ramos, Serperi Sevgur, Nabiha Atallah, and Dr. Ismaël Traoré.

University of Toronto-KDE hub Introductory Video
This video provides a brief overview of the project “Social-Emotional Development in Refugee Children and Youth”.

Safe Spaces: Building Inter-family Understanding and Harnessing Resilience for Arabic Speaking Refugee Families in the Greater Toronto Area
This video provides an overview of the project, sharing quotes from participants as they reflect on the challenges of social integration and what they learned from the workshops. The video is captioned in Arabic.

Loss and Protracted Family Separation among Refugee Children and Youth: Examining Post-migration Impacts and Service Needs
This video illustrates some of the challenges the refugee youth who have experienced family loss and separation face as part of their settlement journey in Canada.

Thriving Together – Research Findings on Newcomer Mental Health and Well-being in Hamilton
This video shares research findings on newcomer mental health and wellbeing in Hamilton, Ontario, along with artwork created by newcomer families who participated in the research study.