Our Research

CYRRC researchers and partners have undertaken over 80 research projects on the linguistic, educational, psychological, social, cultural and economic integration of children, youth and their families. Below, you can access research from each of our different clusters:



This group analyzes the economic, social, political and social policy contexts, which may affect the wellbeing and development of refugee children and youth as they integrate into Canadian society.
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Language & Learning

This cluster focuses on the role of language of origin of refugee children and youth on their cognitive and literacy skills in the destination country as well as the social contexts that further their educational achievement, literacy levels and language skills.
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This group examines the factors associated with social integration, different stressors experienced by child and youth refugees, discrimination and social support pre-and post-resettlement.
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This cluster investigates young people’s experiences of trauma and the social conditions, policies and initiatives that facilitate resilience pre-and post-resettlement.
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CYRRC-LERN (Canada - Germany Collaboration)

The ongoing Integration CAN-Germany exchange between the CYRRC and LERN networks is aimed at supporting exchange and collaboration between Canada and Germany on research on the integration of refugees.
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Arts-Based Research

Our arts-based and participatory research projects give youth with refugee experience a platform to share their voices with academics, service providers, policy makers and other interested individuals.
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COVID-19 Research

In 2020, CYRRC funded five research projects that examined the impacts of COVID-19 on refugee children, youth, and families. This was in response to the recognition that these groups were experiencing the pandemic in unique ways. One project focused on the challenges that service provider organizations (SPOs) encountered, and the solutions they innovated, as they adapted service delivery models to clients’ needs during this health emergency.
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Research Products

CYRRC is committed to sharing research findings in a variety of formats to appeal to academic and non-academic audiences. We have set up a page where you can access products from all our completed research projects. This page is updated continually so please check back periodically for updates. Wherever possible, we provide four products for each project: research reports, executive summaries, infographics and publications.