Volume “Structural Context of Refugee Integration in Canada and Germany”

Researchers: Annette Korntheuer, Paul Pritchard, Débora Maehler


The volume “Structural Context of Refugee Integration in Canada and Germany” aims at providing basic information on relevant contextual factors for refugee integration to colleagues of the other national context to facilitate cross national comparison. The leading question for the contribution was: What basic/important information do my German/ Canadian colleagues need to proceed further in the planning and forming phase of joined research projects?

The volume examines policy frameworks that guide refugee protection and settlement to see how they shape the resettlement and integration of newcomers and analyzes the educational systems in Canada and Germany. Comparisons of access to education, housing, health, settlement services, and religious and ethnic communities are also examined. As well, similarities and differences in refugee narratives in the two countries and the reactions and responses of civil society and the broader public are described.

Basic Design

  • Volume on different aspects of the structural context on refugee integration in Canada and Germany
  • 23 contributions from 32 Canadian/ German authors, experts in the field of education, migration and forced migration
  • Literature and policy review

Project Status

Finalized. The volume “Structural Context of Refugee Integration in Canada and Germany” was published on April 25th online and as a printed version.

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