Project Researchers

Project Description



a. To create a space for open discussions (a series of 10 workshops) for Arabic speaking refugee youth (n=10) (ages 13-20 years) with experiences of trauma and their parents (n=10) living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
b. To explore the tensions between youth and parents that may arise from social integration challenges.
c. To examine concepts and issues related to culture, inter-family communication, rights, and youth empowerment.
d. To develop coping skills (anger management, stress management, emotional expression, affect regulation) and life skills (negotiating, compromise, respecting different opinions, problem-solving and non-violent conflict resolution).
e. To support refugee youth and their parents in harnessing resilience, integrating trauma stories and channelling them into building inner strength in a group setting facilitated by a trained facilitator (a psychologist from a partner organization, Arab Community Centre of Toronto)


A qualitative research methodology will be employed for this study. Focus group interviews will be scheduled near the beginning of the schedule (e.g. during the 1st or 2nd workshop) and after the final (10th) workshop. A variety of question formats (i.e., closed- and open-ended, feeling and rating scales) will be used to gather demographic information along with feelings about and perceptions of their experiences in the workshops.

Research Questions

1. What are the perceptions and experiences of social integration experiences and inter-family relationships of Arabic speaking refugee youth (aged 13-20 years) with experiences of trauma and their parents who reside in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?

2. In what ways, if any, has the knowledge (specifically related to developing positive mental health outcomes, coping and life skills) gained through the workshops been helpful/made a difference for the youth and their parents over a period of five months (e.g. from workshop one to workshop ten)?