Project Researchers

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Project Description

This research project created the Educational Manual for Refugee Parents to help parents better understand the education system in Manitoba, specifically in Winnipeg. The system is difficult to navigate for parents who have lived in Canada their whole lives let alone refugee parents learning to adapt to a completely new system with a vastly different set up than their home countries. The manual covers law relating to the framework and structure of Canadian school systems; registration and attendance; suspension, expulsion and discipline; students with special needs; privacy and discrimination; custodial and non-custodial parents and family; and other issues identified throughout the study.

Project Findings

This manual, which is written in simple language to help facilitate the target audience’s understanding, will empower refugee parents by equipping them with the knowledge and information required to participate in their children’s education as well as advocate for their children. In doing so, it will hopefully have a positive impact on refugee children’s education, as research has shown that parents’ involvement in a child’s education is a significant factor in determining a child’s academic success. This manual will also act as a resource for service providers helping refugee families navigate the education system in Manitoba. Service providers will be able to use this easily understandable manual to help guide parents through the system by helping them get a better grasp of the system.