This group analyzes the economic, social, political and social policy contexts, which may affect the wellbeing and development of refugee children and youth as they integrate into Canadian society. To open a project’s page, click on the research title in the table below.
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Research Projects

Project TitleLead Researcher(s)Research Partner(s)PublicationProject Status
Pathways of Youth with Refugee Experience in Nova ScotiaIfeyinwa MbakoguImmigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia N/AComplete
School-Work Transition Barriers for Newcomer YouthErika Goble
Alberta Somali Community CentreN/AComplete
Immigration and Refugee Settlement in Canada: Trends in Public FundingDominique Clément
Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA)AvailableComplete
The Impacts of Literacy and Numeracy on Earnings:
Do Admission Categories Matter?
Richard MuellerCalgary Catholic Immigration SocietyAvailableComplete
Immigrant and Refugee Settlement in Canada: Trends in Federal FundingDominique Clément
Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving AgenciesAvailableComplete
A Retrospective Look: The Social and Economic Integration of the Vietnamese Refugee Youth and the Second Generation in Contemporary CanadaMonica Boyd
Developing Skills, Building Relationships: The Social and Employment Outcomes of ISANS’ Immigrant Youth Employability ProgramCatherine Bryan
Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia AvailableComplete

Analysis of LINC Students’ Career Goals Pathways

Lisa Rochman
NorQuest CollegeAvailableComplete
The Labour Market Vulnerabilities of Refugees in Canada: The Impacts of Entry ProgramsMonica Boyd
Immigrant Wages in the Public and Private Sectors: How do these Compare to the Wages of the Canadian-born?Richard MuellerMowat CentreN/AComplete

Designing National Immigration Policies in a Rapidly Globalizing World: The Impact of Digital Interconnectedness on Policies and Views on Immigration in Canada

Abdie Kazemipur