Below you will find publicly available articles and reports on refugee and migration issues that have been authored or co-authored by Coalition members. Articles are categorized by each of our research clusters operating in the Coalition.

CitationPrincipal AuthorPrincipal InvestigatorClusterRegionYearTopic
Six Nouvelles Tendances De La Recherche Sur Le Racisme Et L’inégalité Au CanadaLori WilkinsonLori WilkinsonIntegrationCanada2003Discrimination, Immigrants
Second Generation Youth In Canada, Their Mobilities And Identification: Relevance To Citizenship EducationCovid-19 and Refugee Families in Montreal: Strategies for Reaching Hard-to-reach Populations in Health EmergenciesYvonne HébertIntegrationCanada2007Identity Policy
Measuring And Mismeasuring Discrimination Against Visible Minority Immigrants: The Role Of Work ExperienceYoko YoshidaEconCanada2008Discrimination, Economic Outcomes
Determinants Of Mental Health Newcomer Youth: Policy And Service ImplicationsYogendra ShakyaWellbeingCentral CA 2010Mental Health, Policy, Youth

Educational Aspirations Among Newcomer Refugee Youth In Toronto: Expectations, Challenges And Strategies

Yogendra ShakyaLanguage and LearningCentral CA2011Education, Interrupted Schooling, Youth
Second Language Acquisition In ChildhoodJohanne ParadisJohanne ParadisLanguage and Learning2007Language Development
Pre-Migration And Post-Migration Determinants For Newly Arrived Refugees In TorontoRuth Marie WilsonWellbeingCentral CA 2010Integration, Mental Health
Individual Differences In Child English Second Language Acquisition: Comparing Child-Internal And Child-External FactorsJohanne ParadisJohanne ParadisLanguage and LearningCanada2011Language Development, Children
Immigrant Youth And Employment: Lessons Learned From The Analysis Of LSIC And 82 Lived StoriesSean LauerLori WilkinsonIntegrationCanada2012Labour Market, Economic Outcomes, Immigrants, Youth
Acquisition Of English Grammatical Morphology By Internationally-Adopted Children From ChinaLara PierceJohanne ParadisLanguage and LearningCanada2012Language Development, Immigrants, Children
The Community Engagement Of Immigrants In Host Societies: The Case Of CanadaAbdolmohammad KazemipurIntegrationCanada2012Integration, Immigrants
Discriminating Children With Language Impairment Among English Language Learners From Diverse First Language BackgroundsJohanne ParadisJohanne ParadisLanguage and LearningCanada2013Language Development, Children
Immigration Journey: A Holistic Exploration Of Pre- And Post-Migration Life Stories In A Sample Of Canadian Immigrant WomenDiscriminating Children With Language Impairment Among English Language Learners From Diverse First Language BackgroundsRuksana RashidIntegrationCanada2013Immigrants, Women
Western Settlement Outcomes SurveyVictoria EssessIntegrationCanada2013Settlement, Integration, Economic Outcomes, Immigrants
Newcomer Refugee Youth As ‘Resettlement Champions’ For Their Families: Vulnerability, Resilience And EmpowermentYogendra ShakyaWellbeingCentral CA2014Settlement, Resilience, Youth
Newcomer Youth Self-Esteem: A Community-Based Mixed Methods Study Of Afghan, Columbian, Sudanese And Tamil Youth In Toronto, CanadaNazilla KhanlouWellbeingCentral CA2014Mental Health, Youth
Private Sponsorship: Complementary Or Conflicting Interests?Shauna LabmanShauna LabmanIntegrationCanada2016Settlement, Private Sponsorship
Bilingual Education In CanadaJoseph DicksOtherCanada2016Education, Language Development
Refugee Pathways2016
Ethical Considerations: Research With People In Situations Of Forced MigrationPrivate Sponsorship: Complementary Or Conflicting Interests?Christina Clark-KazakIntegration2017Research Ethics
The Global Refugee Crisis: Empirical Evidence And Policy Implications For Improving Public Attitudes And Facilitating Refugee ResettlementEthical Considerations: Research With People In Situations Of Forced MigrationPrivate Sponsorship: Complementary Or Conflicting Interests?Victoria EssessIntegration2017Settlement, Policy, Public Opinion, Mental Health
Resilience In Context: A Brief And Culturally Grounded Measure For Syrian Refugee And Jordanian Host-Community AdolescentsCatherine Panter-BrickOtherJordan2017Syrian, Resilience, Youth
Structural Context Of Refugee Integration In Canada And GermanyEthical Considerations: Research With People In Situations Of Forced MigrationPrivate Sponsorship: Complementary Or Conflicting Interests?Annette KorntheuerCanada-GermanyCanada; Germany2017Germany, Settlement
Promoting Language, Literacy And Well-Being Of Syrian Refugee Children Through Summer CampsMazen El-BabaXi (Becky) ChenLanguage and LearningCentral CA2017Syrian, Language Development, Recreation, Mental Health, Children
L’imaginaire National, L’asile Et Les Refugies Syriens En Allemagne Et Au Canada : Une Analyse DiscursiveElke WinterElke WinterCanada-GermanyCanada; Germany2018Syrian, Integration, Media, Public Opinion
L’identité Nationale Canadienne Et Son Altérité Réfugiée: Quel Rôle Pour Les Syriens?Melanie BeauregardElke WinterEconCanada2018Syrian, Integration, Media, Public Opinion
Syrian Integration Media Public Opinion
Exploring The Refugee Class Mix In Ethnic Inflows Of Immigrants To CanadaFernando MataEconCanada2018Admission Categories
What Participatory Photography Can Tell Us About Immigrant And Refugee Women’s Learning In Atlantic CanadaL’imaginaire National, L’asile Et Les Refugies Syriens En Allemagne Et Au Canada : Une Analyse DiscursiveSusan BrighamSusan BrighamArts-based ResearchAtlantic CA2018Women, Participatory Photography
L’imaginaire National, L’asile Et Les Refugies Syriens En Allemagne Et Au Canada : Une Analyse DiscursiveWord Reading In English And Arabic In Children Who Are Syrian RefugeesGottardo, A.Gottardo, A.; Chen, X.; Paradis, J.Language and LearningCentral CA2020Syrian, Language Development, Children
How Language Environment, Age, And Cognitive Capacity Support The Bilingual Development Of Syrian Refugee Children Recently Arrived In CanadaJohanne ParadisJohanne Paradis; Xi (Becky) Chen; Alexandria GottardoLanguage and LearningCanada2020Syrian, Language Development, Children
Syrian Language Development Children
Refugee Protection In Canada: Resettlement’s RoleShauna LabmanShauna LabmanIntegrationCanada2020Settlement, Private Sponsorship
A Culturally Sensitive Intervention For Syrian Refugee Children With Interrupted Schooling: Targeting Math Vocabulary And Associated Number Sense SkillEsther GevaEsther GevaLanguage and LearningCentral CA2020Syrian, School, Children
Private And Government Sponsorships: Occupation And Earning Outcomes For Vietnamese, Laotian And Cambodian RefugeesMonica BoydMonica BoydEconCanada2020Labour Market, Admission Categories, Economic Outcomes
Promoting Family Well-Being And Resilience Of Refugee Newcomers In The Waterloo Region: The Sanctuary Refugee Health CentreJean de Dieu BasaboseDillon BrowneWellbeingCentral CA2020Resilience, Families
Impact Of Family Loss And Separation On Refugee Youth: Implications For Policy And Programs – Scoping ReviewAmjed AbojediSerena NudelWellbeing2020Mental Health, Trauma, Youth
Integrated Knowledge Mobilization: Promising Practices From Two Canadian ProjectsSimone Chia-KangataOtherCanada2020Knowledge Mobilization, Policy
Language Abilities Of Children With Refugee Backgrounds: Insights From Case StudiesAndrea MacLeodAndrea MacLeodLanguage and LearningCentral CA2020Syrian, Language Development, Children
The Cultural Identity Of First-Generation Immigrant Children And Youth: Insights From A Meta-AnalysisDébora MaehlerLanguage and LearningCanada-Germany2020Identity, Immigrants, Youth
Five Years Later: Reflecting On The German And Canadian Response To Refugee ResettlementLori WilkinsonLori WilkinsonCanada-GermanyCanada; Germany2020Settlement
Ethical Issues In A Participatory Photography Research Project Involving Youth With Refugee ExperienceSusan BrighamSusan BrighamArts-based ResearchAtlantic CA2020Research Ethics, Participatory Photography, Youth
Supporting Dual Language Learning: A Program For Preschoolers From Refugee BackgroundsAndrea MacLeodAndrea MacLeodLanguage and LearningCentral CA2020Syrian, Language Development, Children
Refugees In Canada And Germany: From Research To Policies And PracticeAnnette KorntheuerLori WilkinsonCanada-GermanyCanada; Germany2020Settlement, Policy
Transition To Adulthood Of Refugee And Immigrant Children In CanadaYoshida, Y.Yoshida, Y.EconCanada2020Youth, Admission Categories, Labour Market, Economic Outcomes, Children
Family Medicine With Refugee Newcomers During The COVID-19 CrisisSmith, J.A.Browne, D.WellbeingCentral CA2020Covid-19, Mental Health, Immigrants
Documenting Syrian Refugee Children’s Memories: Methodological Insights And Further QuestionsAli, M.Ali, M.Arts-based ResearchCentral CA2020Syrian, Research Ethics, Children
Mental Health Issues Affecting Refugee Youth In Canada Who Experienced Family Loss And Separation In Their Country Of OriginAlamgir, A.Alamgir, A.WellbeingCanada2021Mental Health, Trauma, Youth
Structuring A Communication Framework To Address The Challenges Of Vulnerable Communities For Building Trust And Ensuring Access To Emergency Health Messages For Compliance During COVID-19Alamgir, A.Alamgir, A.COVID-19Canada2021Covid-19, Communication, Health, Immigrants
Refugee Children And Families During The COVID-19 Crisis: A Resilience Framework For Mental HealthBrowne, D.Browne, D.WellbeingCanada2020Covid-19, Mental Health, Resilience, Families, Children
Refugee Children’s Earnings In AdulthoodYoshida, Y.Yoshida, Y.EconCanada2022Labour Market, Economic Outcomes, Refugees, Children
Narrative microstructure and macrostructure skills in Arabic diglossia: The case of Arab immigrant children in CanadaAsli-Badarneh, A.Chen, X.Language and LearningCanada2023Language Development, Children, Immigrants
Resettlement, mental health, and coping: a mixed methods survey with recently resettled refugee parents in CanadaSim, A.Sim, A.WellbeingCentral CA2023Mental Health, Families, Integration, Refugees, Settlement
Reimagining mental health care for newcomer children and families: a qualitative framework analysis of service provider perspectivesSim, A.Sim, A.WellbeingCentral CA2023Mental Health, Community Based Organizations, Children, Families
The role of word reading and oral language skills in reading comprehension in Syrian refugee childrenAl Janaideh, R.Chen, X.Language and LearningCanada2020Language Development, Syrian, Refugees, Children
Mental Health of Newcomer Refugee and Immigrant Youth During COVID-19Refugee Children’s Earnings In AdulthoodReza NakhaieReza NakhaieCOVID-19Central CA2022Covid-19, Families, Mental Health, Resilience, Youth
School Environment and Academic Persistence of Newcomer Students: The Roles of Teachers and PeersReza NakhaieReza NakhaieIntegrationCentral CA2022Education, School, Youth
The role of socioemotional wellbeing difficulties and adversity in the L2 acquisition of first-generation refugee childrenParadis, J.Paradis, J., Chen, X., Gottardo, A., Jenkins, J.Language and LearningCanada2022Language Development, School, Mental Health, Syrian, Children
Role and Level of Engagement of Peer Researchers in Systematic Reviews: A Review ArticleArteaga, M. C.Alamgir, A.Wellbeing2022Research Methods, Refugees, Immigrants
A Practice-based Methodology on Conducting a Collaborative Scoping Review with PRISMA-ScR Model for the Separated Refugee Youth ProjectAlamgir, A.Alamgir, A.Wellbeing2022Research Methods, Refugees, Youth