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The Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) is an alliance of scholars, community partners and government agencies committed to promoting the successful integration of refugee children, youth and their families.  While the Coalition was formed to contribute meaningfully to policies and interventions to facilitate the integration of recently arrived Syrian refugees to Canada, it has a much larger goal of helping all young refugees succeed, both in Canada and around the world. To do this, the Coalition is committed to conducting rigorous research, promoting best practices and engaging in knowledge mobilization activities to further the social integration, education, mental wellbeing, and physical wellbeing of refugee children and youth.

Members of CYRRC are working together to develop national and regional surveys, make administrative datasets more accessible, conduct analyses of existing data from government and nongovernmental sources, conduct observational studies, and influence practices and policies through knowledge mobilization. Since the Coalition includes members from across Canada, and a growing number of international colleagues, we have become uniquely positioned to carry out research that meets the needs of refugee children and youth, their families and communities.

If you are interested to learn more about our work, connect with CYRRC members and explore opportunities to collaborate, click here to apply for membership.