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Politics not economics sets the limit on Canadian immigration

“A well-known economic theory says that when it comes to people, you can get too much of a good thing. As thousands of asylum seekers come across the Canadian border to escape Trump’s America, there are many Canadian voices, including mainstream Conservatives, who believe we may have reached that point.”


Research coalition to examine the experiences of Syrian refugee children

“In November 2015, Canada announced it would accept 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year, with more to follow in 2016. Thanks partially to the tragic images of three-year-old Alan Kurdi washed up on the shore of the Mediterranean, Canadians overwhelmingly supported the new Liberal government’s plan and signed up to become sponsors…”


‘A global issue:’ Halifax researchers head to UN summit on resettling refugees

“Three researchers from Dalhousie University will soon head to New York for the first UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants. Dr. Howard Ramos is one of the researchers involved with the Canadian Refugee Child, Youth and Family Research Coalition. The goal is to look into how to measure the successful integration of refugees…”


What refugee kids need from us — now, and years from now

“In the fall of 2015, in the heat of a federal election, the country was deeply moved by images of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. No image had a greater emotional impact — or did more to influence Canada’s decision to open its borders to these ]refugees — more than the picture of three year-old Alan Kurdi’s…”


Dalhousie profs to attend first-ever UN refugee summit

“Two Dalhousie professors spearheading a new approach to helping Syrians fleeing war are attending the first ever United Nations Summit for Refugees in New York Monday. The summit is being billed as an opportunity to craft a blueprint for a better international response to an ongoing global crisis that had…”


Halifax researcher to lead study of Syrian refugees

“A Dalhousie University researcher is heading up a national study on how Syrian refugee children are faring in Canada. Since late last fall, Canada has taken in more than 27,000 people from the war-torn country. The bulk of the refugees, 700 of whom settled in Nova Scotia, are youngsters. With almost 60 per cent…”


How Can We Help Syrian Children Resettle in the West?

“There has been a great deal of attention paid to the plight of the Syrian refugees, and sadly, speculation that they will cause problems later on. In fact, what we know is that leaving millions of people in a desperate unsettled state is the real threat to our security long term. Children need stability, education…”

( – Nurturing Resilience, Michael Ungar

Good research key to helping refugees, youth flourish

“Canadians were horrified by the images of young refugee Alan Kurdi in early September. Now, a scant few months later, our country is beginning to welcome 25,000 refugees from Syria. Most of these new refugees are families with children of various ages. All of them have fled war-torn Syria and have lived in…”


NowNS: Immigrants thrive in Bluenose country

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally welcomed the first wave of 25,000 Syrian refugees coming to Canada on Thursday and Premier Stephen McNeil has asserted that his government will welcome as many as the feds are willing to relocate to the province. This being the case, it is worth asking how immigrants…”