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CYRRC-LERN (Canada-Germany) Collaboration

Canada and Germany both responded to the Syrian crisis with commitments to rapidly settle large numbers of refugees, most of whom are children and youth. In both countries, researchers are pursuing research and developing an evidence base to inform policies and interventions to facilitate the successful integration of this cohort.

The CYRRC’s Canada-Germany collaborative work began with two research workshops in 2016, spearheaded by Dalhousie University and Germany’s Leibniz Education and Research Network (LERN). Several collaborative projects emerged from the two workshops. One notable output was the volume Structural Context of Refugee Integration in Canada and Germany, which arose from the need expressed by researchers for a comparative analysis of Syrian refugees in the two countries. The volume, edited by Annette Korntheuer, Débora Maehler, and Paul Pritchard, features contributions by 32 authors—16 Canadian and 16 German. It examines policy frameworks that guide refugee protection and settlement to see how they shape the resettlement and integration of newcomers and analyzes the educational systems in Canada and Germany. Comparisons in access to education, housing, health, settlement services, and religious and ethnic communities are also examined. The volume has been published online and in print.

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